Sack the sign makers

there are some great ideas from sign makers out there

Who commissioned the sign makers with these beauties

I love being out and about and one of my hobbies is spotting sign makers mistakes. I have a huge collection of photographs from here and abroad of funny and unusual signs that I am not sure how the sign makers allowed to leave the shop.

I have spotted them everywhere from on a shop front to whilst on the golf course and everywhere in between. Foreign ones can be highly amusing whether it be a phrase that sounds very rude to us to weird place names you could not make up.

I found the one on this blog whilst playing golf in Australia, I have always loved the Aussie sense of humour but this sign put me right off my game as I could not stop laughing for ages after seeing it.

Sign makers must have a giggle

I often wonder whether some sign makers have a laugh at their own expense when they see the mistakes they make. From funny to rude I wonder how long on average it takes them to realise the mistake and call the sign makers to complain although I have seen very old signs that have obviously been up a long time indeed.

I would love to speak to a few of them to see if they make mistakes or like a good laugh but either way I would like to think some do it for the fun of it regardless. I feel sure some do it for a laugh and to see how far they can go before being caught out.

Sign makers must have to ask twice when asked for some signs

Other signs are obviously not a joke but are equally funny take the Newcastle council sign warning a massive £200 fine of you touch the electric tram lines that will also cause instant death, now thats a threat for someone thats just been killed!

Maybe its time to look to the lord when a church sign reads “Don’t let worries kill you, let the church help” if that’s the help they are offering I think I will give it a miss this sunday.

There are also some pretty stupid road signs like dumb woman lane, very politically incorrect or the helpful if you hit this sign you will hit that bridge sign. Whatever they were thinking at the time they thought either of these were ok to put up then I thank whoever it was as it always makes me laugh to see this kind of thing actually in existence.

If you do find a funny sign them I would love to see it post it up for all to see and send me a link via the contact page and better still if you know any sign makers ask them whether or not they ever question some of these ridiculous signs or just adopt the old phrase of the customer is always right even if clearly they are not.

Roaring engines and no deposit free bet

motor sport no deposit free bet

Using free bets on the motorsport.

I have been a fan of motorsport for years often travelling and camping to watch all types, I know have the added enjoyment to using no deposit free bet tactics in the racing sce. The thrill of the race and the smell of petrol when you can get so close to the action is immense and when you have used  some of your free bets on the outcome its even better.

Finding free bets.

You may think the bookies giving away cash in the form of free bets is nuts but the fierce competition online for your attention and account means loads of these types of deals are readily available. There are two main types for you to choose from the free bet no deposit kind do not need any deposit of cash from you to set up. Once you fill in your account details the new account will have a welcome bonus added to it so you can start betting risk free on the motorsport straight away. The second type of deal is the deposit based offers where you have to add funds to open the new account. Sometimes these are more generous but I would try a mix to see what works best for you.

The motorsport and free bets scene.

I have been travelling to watch motorsport since I was young, my dad drove rally cars and I remember going with Mum to watch him all over the UK. We used to camp as we toured and most of my summer was spent on the road going from race to race. Dad was such a petrol head and its no wonder I got the bug and started to follow it but combining it with my love of free bets and gambling makes the motorsport season even more interesting for me. I will use some of my free bets on predicting the winner of various types of motorsport that I follow from the F1 to the rally cars and everything in-between. I also go to lots of races and will always have a punt on the winner of the race as its does add a lot to the race for me.

Its not just about free bets for me.

My love of motorsport has certainly rubbed of on my kids too. They love coming with me like I did with my parents and their granddad also tags along sometimes although he always says its not the same as being involved. He has also got the free bets bug and whenever he does come we always have a punt on the outcome seeing who comes out on top for that race. He may not be as internet savvy as me and will always ask me to fill everything in for his free bets but more often than not he will guess better than I do, I often joke about his insider knowledge. If you do like a flutter then get online and find your free bets offers they are a great way to bet risk free.

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Your new stove installation will be the best thing you have done

A montage of woodburning stoves

Your stove installation is done.

A woodburner installation is a pretty big purchase for your home but once in, the benefits are numerous. I have had woodburning stoves for some time now and have enjoyed this way of heating my home as well as the cosmetic look of a real fire burning in your living space.

You can use many types of different wood to burn including ones that make the room smell a certain way but using kiln dried logs will give you the best output and save you the most money in the long run. Kiln dried wood will burn slower and give out the most heat and unlike damp logs won’t smoke much.

When you get a stove installation project in your mind the first thing to do is find a fitter to do the job. Stove installation companies should be registered with Hetas to carry out the work so that your fire is safe but finding one close to you is easy using the Hetas website. It is worth seeing a few as the price will vary between one stove installation company and another but more than that advice you get between different people is always helpful in making a decision on the type of woodburner you may get and how they propose doing your stove installation.

Why use a Hetas registered stove installation company

Hetas courses will ensure the stove installation company you use are fully trained to fit the wood burning stove properly. They will be up to date with the latest building regulations and unlike a local builder can provide you with a Hetas certificate which means the wood burning stove installation has been throughly tested before they leave your home checking for leaks and carbon monoxide issues.

If you do not get a Hetas certificate then it is likely that your insurance will be voided as without one you are taking a big gamble on your families safety and a big out for the insurance company who can argue that your stove installation was not done by a qualified person. When I get my woodburner serviced I will get a new certificate so I know it is always working properly and safely.

Life after your stove installation

Once your stove installation is done and you are using it you will find a big difference in your heating bills. My gas bill has dropped dramatically and I hardly ever use the central heating now as my wood burner provides me with enough heat on its own. The warmth it gives is also somehow different and I like nothing more than sitting in front of it on a cold winters day.

It is vital though that you take care of your stove installation as with any fire regular servicing is essential both for its performance but more importantly safety. You will need to get your chimney swept at least once a year and I always go for a special service every two years where the stove installation company I use will give it a complete once over and re-issue a new Hetas certificate.